Breathe Easier

Make informed decisions to protect health with the most accurate air quality information available—from the company trusted by experts for over forty years.

ExactAQ is a sophisticated air quality model that provides hourly community-scale information about current and forecasted air quality conditions. 

Advanced Modeling Platform

Power your decision-making capabilities and the information you offer with our advanced modeling platform.

ExactAQ uses machine learning to fuse observations, models, and human analysis to provide the most accurate, complete, and reliable air quality information available.

Weather forecasts
Professional-grade measurements
Air Sensors
Physical & chemical models

Current and Forecast Air Quality

Understand and plan for changes in air quality hour by hour and from one neighborhood to the next.

Depend on ExactAQ’s next-generation air quality forecasting information that is available in real time, at a local scale, for anywhere in the world.

Fire & Smoke Mitigation

Make the most informed decisions possible when it really matters.

Protect your employees, your community, and the public with our leading-edge products to reduce exposure to fire and smoke hazards.

API, Maps & Dashboard

Get started quickly and easily with our user-friendly, turnkey service.
Easily integrate our API, maps, and data layers into your website or app to increase your user base, see greater returns, and use environmental context to target your campaigns.